ot;Down to Earth" is a remake of the movie "Heaven Can Wait," which is about a football player who dies but is taken to heaven too early, and ends up getting the body of a rich white man in order to live out his life.
   "Down to Earth" is about an unsuccessful black comic who is hit by a truck, taken early and gets a body of a rich white man. Lance (Chris Rock) is the comic. He uses the rich man's body to do some good, and to charm the girl of his dreams, Sontee (Regina King).
   I laughed at this movie. It was funny, but all the best jokes really seemed to be missed by everybody else in the audience. And when the audience was laughing I thought that the movie was being kind of dumb. I have no idea what that says about the movie but it seems like important information.
   I liked this movie even though it isn't that good of a remake. "Down to Earth" probably isn't going to win any awards, but it is funny - really funny. If you want a good movie go rent "Heaven Can Wait," if you want to have a good laugh go see "Down to Earth." They are both very good in different ways.
   It's a cute movie, but I think I might be the only one who likes it.
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