the editor I love my city and this county. However, we are the best at saying no to everything that comes along. This is a true and very sad statement. We say no to progress all the time. The arguments are always the same. We gripe about too much traffic, too many people, too close to this or that. The list could go on and on. We have a problem with jail space in our county. We then once again say no to a new jail. Why? Our solution is to now send our problems (criminals) to the Jefferson County jail. Is this right? Answer: NO! Folks, we need a new jail here and it’s time we build one. Interest rates have come way down and the time is right. To put this off will cost us all more in higher taxed. I, for one, do not want that. Lets all pull together and tell the county to move forward with a new jail project. We should demand a simple jail-only design with no fancy anything or hidden extras. This can be done! Let’s do the right thing here, before it’s too late. To delay this would be a serious mistake. Jeff Coffman (citizen) Prineville
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