the editor: On January 25 the Central Oregonian printed a letter by Orville Eakins criticizing a writer who was critical of Orville’s Democratic Party views. Orville was correct in stating that Democrats gave us unions that made for better and safer working conditions, government construction programs that gave us valuable dams, Social Security, Medicare, etc. I too have been very critical of Orville because he viciously and blindly attacks Republicans and because if he personally benefits from a program he doesn’t care who pays or who subsidizes him. Nor does he care that many unions have become extremely corrupt as long as he gets his cut. Orville cutely avoided naming his critic, a man who I have been extremely critical of in letters to the editor. Orville’s critic was a member of the Board of Equalization who ignorantly rubber stamped every over-assessment of citizens by the assessor, causing much financial grief and pain for his victims. We seem to have lost track of a very important fact that we depend upon each other for our livelihoods and well-being. We trade money for services that we render to each other - our skills and what our abilities produce. Where we have gone astray is when we allow a segment of the population to gain power that allows price gouging and the concentration of wealth in a few hands at the expense of those who do not possess that power. All three of us are old enough to have some worthwhile knowledge. Our capitalistic system is the best, but like medicine must be used intelligently. Two tablets can cure a headache — a handful can kill. Political systems, including capitalism, work the same way — They must have restraints. I offer this challenge to Orville and his critic; Personally do something each day to help eliminate the abuses of both parties and improve our country as a whole without becoming harmfully socialistic. I have found that grass roots efforts can bear fruit. Wm. C. (Bill) Schneider Prineville
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