e Valentine cards are sent to lovers, some to wives or husbands. Not often is one sent to the local newspaper. Usually when someone comments about their community’s newspaper it is in terms that can’t be printed — but once in a while ... That’s what happened yesterday afternoon: The Central Oregonian staff received a singing Val-O-Gram. Shortly after lunch, the members of the Crook County High School choir making up “CC Soundwave” assembled in the office and let go with a romantic ballad. Having experienced the talent these singers have makes it obvious as to why the group, dressed in formal attire: the girls in long black gowns and the boys in black slacks and vests, have garnered awards. Their voices harmonized and the music was smooth, and romantically touching. As the group left the Central Oregonian to continue their delivery of Val-O-Grams, the sound of applause from the newspaper people still rang in their ears. Applause for the music and wonderment about who in the world would send a newspaper a musical Valentine.
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