the editor: Has everyone noticed the breath of fresh air the new County Court is bringing to Crook County? If you attend a County Court meeting you will feel the energy and synergistic aura surrounding Commissioners McCabe and Crafton, and our new Judge Cooper. It looks like a team effort. I see a great future for this group and for Crook County as a whole. Wednesday the Court embarked on a vision to enhance the downtown core area while fixing some of the County's facility-space shortage and the City's parking problems. The Court and the Fair Board are talking together about the fairgrounds. Bravo! There may be some disagreements and some minor mistakes. It's okay to disagree; and to err is human! Our job as citizens should be to support good government, ideas and sound planning. We have both the opportunity and the need to do that with the County Court and the Prineville City Council now. Do we have the incentive to do so? I sure hope so for all of our sakes. Gary Rossi Prineville
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