Balance needed in what’s happening

To the editor In response to the Central Oregonian headline regarding the completion of Judge Cooper’s first week in office, I too am surprised to find out the people in charge of the basic operations of any community (i.e. the court house) are computer illiterate. I'm sure this problem isn't as bad as it may sound, but at the same time this is where decisions that impact us as the taxpaying members of our community generate from. With problems like water/sewer, and developing an industrial base being of the up most importance for our basic survival I feel our elected and/or appointed court house personnel should be the cutting edge. Computer training is available through our community college and should be utilized by having key personnel attend training courses that in turn will allow them to train others. Case in point: the Crook County school district was given a grant by Intel to train two teachers. One of the stipulations was that in return they would train other teachers. I'm sure this sort of program could be made available to a city government. Another point made by Judge Cooper was that we should spend our money here at home instead of "driving up the grade "every time we need something. It seems to me that should've been the main concern since day one; especially since our own courthouse is "driving up the grade " to get its supplies. It's easy to understand why though; since the saving's on just one item can pay for gas and buy dinner. Why can't our city owned railroad be used for the transportation of goods? Another question I have is why I can get a movie review in our local paper for a movie that requires me to travel "up the grade" but I can't find out the progress of the Bi-Mart going up eight blocks from my home or the Panda Restaurant that is only three blocks? With everything our community is hoping to accomplish and the growth we need to happen for our own benefit, I feel a basic check of the balances needs to happen. Sid Stringer Prineville.