the editor: We are writing this letter to let everyone know about our Federal Veterans Service Officer in Prineville, Amy McCully. Amy has an office in her home, this is because she does not receive any money for her services, and it is strictly on a volunteer basis. Amy spends hours working with Veterans and will work with our schedule if possible; she works long hours and seven days a week. Amy will be working at least 20 hours a week at an outside job to offset her costs with the veterans service work. She said if she doesn’t answer her telephone, to leave a message and she will get back to you 447-4682. Amy helps veterans with service connected, non-service connected, medical claims, etc. If you just need someone to listen, she’ll be there for you. Amy also does notary work and does not charge veterans or elderly for notary work, unless she has to travel outside her home and then she charges mileage. While I was talking to her about her job as a Veterans Service Officer she said, “I want you to know that Sid Carter’s job as County Veteran Service Officer is equally important to the Veterans in Prineville and the surrounding areas.” Sid puts in long hours, transporting veterans, scheduling appointments with DAV van, helping veterans with forms and etc.“ His telephone number is 447-5304. I don’t know how you other veterans feel, but we feel we are lucky to have two Veterans Service Officers here in Prineville. Leon and Barbara Buzard Prineville
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