Candidate asks for election support

To the editor: Great news: Central Oregon will likely have a branch of OSU by next fall! That will bring many opportunities, yet it also offers challenges lest we lose the mission and focus of our “first” college, COCC. Now more than ever, COCC needs strong, effective leadership to make sure “our” college can continue its primary job of being locally responsive. On the same note, this legislative session and the next could mean growth or starvation for COCC and other community colleges. Even with increased funds as proposed in the governor’s budget, COCC will still be unable to meet student demand for classes. Funding that is adequate, stable, and covers our huge enrollment growth is critical to our future. Those are two reason I am asking voters to re-elect me to the COCC board in the March 13 election. I’ve represented Crook County for three terms, and as the senior board member, former board chair (twice), and immediate past president of the Oregon Community College Association, my skills and knowledge have grown immensely. Just as important, I have as much enthusiasm and energy to continue COCC’s good work as when I began. I love representing COCC on your behalf, and when your ballot arrives later this month, I sincerely hope you will allow me to continue serving you. Kate Van Voorhees Prineville