ven Seagal movies usually fall into one of two categories: those that are marginally worth watching and those that are "I want my money back" horrible.
   "Exit Wounds" is one of those marginally worth watching films, mainly because of the talents of DMX and Tom Arnold. Those two actors give this mediocre action film some real spice. I especially enjoyed the comedic scene that appears as the ending credits are rolling. Stay a few minutes after the movie ends; it's worth it.
   Seagal stars as Orin Boyd, a good cop, but one who doesn't like to follow orders. He's witty, keeps his eyes open and is quick to recognize when things aren't right, even if they involve other cops.
   It isn't long before Boyd breaks a few rules of his precinct and is demoted to one of the city's worst stations. There, he continues to witness the practices of crooked cops and decides to join forces with a drug dealer named Latrell Walker (DMX), one who knows the crucial information that Boyd seeks out.
   As part of his demotion, Boyd is also forced to join an anger management group, a place where he meets a talk show host named Henry, played by Arnold. Henry is entrigued by Boyd and willing to help in Boyd's fight for justice.
   I doubt I will ever see a day when Seagal appears in an Oscar-caliber film. I say this only because he hasn't even been close yet, and judging by his appearance in this film, he doesn't appear to be getting any younger. I wouldn't be surprised if his next film is entitled, "Exit Wheelchair."
   "Exit Wounds" has its moments and for those who like action films, this one isn't a complete waste of time. It just isn't an "It's so good I want to tell everyone about it" type of film, but then again, one could have figured that out just by knowing who the star is.
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