ot;Exit Wounds" is awful. It is the MOST generic movie I have ever had to pay for. The plot is the "classic" rouge cop routine. You know the one where the cop (Steven Seagal) just can't get along with his boss and he gets the "Dammit you destroyed half the city with that little stunt you pulled back there!" speech, right after he saves the mayor/governor/president or in this case the vice president. Then (surprise surprise) he gets punished by being demoted down to the inner city, which is this movie's biggest step away from clich‚.
   Once he is there, he finds out that a bunch of the cops are corrupt drug dealers. Enter DMX who plays some kind of drug dealer/undercover guy, who is trying to show how corrupt the cops are by buying drugs off of them and catching it on film. He does this so he can get his little brother, who was framed by the bad cops, out of jail.
   This is where the movie irritates me the most. DMX has a film of the cops offering him drugs, offering to kill Seagal, and films of their plans to sell the drugs. But the movie still insists on ending it with a gun fight. They have ample evidence that the cops are bad guys and still the movie cannot make the smart move and take this to the higher ups. They just have to have Seagal charge in and shoot everybody.
   But what about the action you ask? It's also mediocre. Seagal's fight scenes are every bit as generic as the plot. Kick, punch, fall through some glass/or hit a wall, and repeat. And the gun fights are just about as bad, except instead of falling through glass it is gun shots through the glass.
   But what about the acting you ask? Seagal spouts the most used action-movie lines and he does it badly. "Didn't I read about you in the papers?" asks some guy. "Don't believe everything you read."
   And that was the end of his part of the conversation so that while the other guy keeps talking, Seagal just squints and nods. OOOOOOh, fascinating!
   But I should give some space to DMX. He doesn't act as bad as Seagal and gives it his best shot to add something to his character. I can't say the same for Seagal, who just sat there with the look of some guy who has done this way too many times and knows it.
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