>A couple escapees from the Deschutes County jail and a man believed to be part of a crime ring that has committed a list of crimes that could cover most of the state are in jail due to the weekend's work
Local police officers were busy this weekend, capturing two recent escapees from the Deschutes County jail and arresting a man with a long list of burglary and theft crimes to his credit.
   Friday evening, Prineville Police officers acting on a tip, took Robert Jon Tuttle, 18, and Joel Dean Sulser, 24, into custody. Both had been incarcerated in Bend's 1145 facility. The facility is used by a number of agencies in the central Oregon region that rents jail bed space. The prisoners are serving long-term sentences and because of a lack of space in state prisons are being lodged in the local facilities. The name 1145 comes from SB1145 that mandated that local prisoners be housed locally. One of the escapees, Tuttle, was a resident of Crook County.
   The two were arrested at 2121 NE Third St, space 6W after an anonymous report led police to the residence. Tuttle, who was armed with a large knife, and Sulser were taken into custody without incident. Both were lodged in the Crook County jail and later returned to Deschutes County.
   Sunday morning, Crook County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man on a Multnomah County Circuit Court warrant. Before the incident was concluded it was discovered that the suspect may have ties to crimes that have taken place throughout the state.
   According to the sheriff's office, the events leading up to the arrest of Vincent Eugene Weyer, 30, began with a single vehicle accident on Lower Davis Loop Drive Friday morning. When deputies arrived on the scene they found a green 1992 Mitsubishi in the ditch. The vehicle had knocked over a power pole before coming to rest on its top. The female driver was transported to Pioneer Memorial Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries.
   When the deputy ran the vehicle's license number through DMV, it turned out to belong to a Toyota. A further search was made and it was discovered that the green car had been purchased from a Gresham car lot with a stolen credit card. Officers then talked with the driver and the search for Weyer began.
   It was discovered that Weyer was wanted in Multnomah County on a charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. According to Undersheriff Jim Hensley, Weyer was spotted leaving a local convenience store.
   From the information local authorities had received about Weyer, it turned out he had been living in a rural part of the county. From that information, an investigation into suspected criminal activity developed and a warrant to search the suspected residence was issued. Shortly after taking Weyer to jail, that search warrant was executed at the residence, 16524 Yaqui Road, about 15 miles south of Prineville.
   Although the investigation is continuing, certain items seized during the search have been tied to crimes in a number of areas. Hensley said that from the preliminary examination, evidence of crimes in Multnomah, Jefferson Deschutes and Crook counties were turned up. In addition, evidence of crimes in other counties throughout the state involving the possible fraudulent use of credit cards, identity theft and other crimes was found.
   Most of the credit cards, drivers licenses and Social Security cards found at the residence, are believed to have been stolen from the Portland area. Weyer is believed to be a member of a Portland motorcycle gang and it is possible that he runs a chop shop in the metro area. Hensley confirmed that there might be link between Weyer and the two men arrested last week after breaking into vehicles at a local dealer and stealing a car there to attempt a getaway.
   The investigation into the extent of the situation is ongoing, and up to this point the Prineville Police Department, Bend Police Department, Gresham Police Department and Oregon State Troopers have been working cooperatively. Hensley said that additional law enforcement agencies will be contacted to assist as the breadth of the suspected crimes widen.
   In addition to the Multnomah County warrant, Weyer has also been charged in Crook County with a variety of crimes. These include burglary, theft, possession of stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm and various drug offenses. The offender has been lodged in the county jail and bail has been set for $255,000.
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