the editor: We have know Kate Van Voorhees for many years. These are some reasons why we feel that she should be re-elected for another term on the Central Oregon Community College Board. She is experienced. She has been serving Crook County and now a small part of Deschutes County as our board representative since 1998. In that capacity she has been chairman of the Central Oregon Community College board twice and has been chairman of the Oregon Community College Association last year. She is well thought of by the Central Oregon Community College. Last year she was selected as one of the fifty most important persons in the fifty years of Central Oregon Community College’s history. Not only does she have extensive experiences as a board member, but she has made the effort to participate in numerous trainings to develop her effectiveness to serve you as a board member. She has served our local community by increasing access for Crook County residents to Central Oregon Community College. She has worked to establish Crook County as a pilot site for two-way interactive televised classes. With the introduction of a Oregon State University branch on the Central Oregon Community College campus, Kate Van Voorhees is the person with the skills and experience to help the Central Oregon Community College work with the university branch so that Central Oregon Community College will retain its identity. Kate Van Voorhees wants to use her next term to try to establish for Central Oregon Community College and the other Community Colleges ,stable funding from the legislature. Kate Van Voorhees isn’t just “interested” in this position, she always has worked hard in her position. For these reasons I would urge you re-elect Kate Van Voorhees to the Central Oregon Community College board. Fred and Ann Graf Prineville
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