the editor: I am writing to express my support of Dee Wettstein in her race for the Crook County School Board, and to encourage others to support her candidacy also. I have known Dee for four years in her role as SMART Coordinator at Cecil Sly and am impressed by her enthusiasm and dedication to children. Dee has developed familiarity with the important educational issues facing our community during her time with SMART, and has repeatedly demonstrated a high level of concern for and commitment to effective education of children. She is compassionate and caring, but at the same time capable of making the difficult decisions and prioritization necessary of a board member. Dee has stated that her two main priorities as a board member would be continuing to address literacy and reading skills (also a priority at both the State and Federal level), and ensuring that the Crook County School District provides the safest and most secure learning environment for our children. Dee’s credentials in the first area are beyond comparison due to her work with SMART, and her knowledge in the second area is impressive as she worked for 20 years in education in the State of California. Our children, our community and our school district would be well served by Dee Wettstein as a school board member, and I invite you to support her with your vote. Sarah Herron Prineville
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