the editor: On Feb. 22 the Central Oregonian placed a photo and a partial publication of a request that was sent into them from the Crook County Cemetery District. The request was made for a statement to be placed in the event announcements column. The Cemetery District did not request a photo at any time, that was the papers doing, not ours. Also the information that was provided to them for the statement was not published in its entirety. This is the statement as it was to have been published: As of March 20, 2001 all flowers must be in metal vases installed in the cement of gravestone on either ends of stone or attached to the gravestone..... There is to be no metal, glass, ceramic, wood or rock items allowed on graves. All non conforming items will be disposed of by cemetery personnel. Now for a brief explanation of this statement. The first paragraph refers to all flowers to be in a vase either in the cement or attached to the stone not just setting on the ground or the cement. The second part means that any of these items must be attached to the stone not just placed around the grave or setting on the cement. And the last paragraph means we will remove the items that are not placed like this; they will be placed in a location and marked so that the owner can pick them up. This notice except for the date of total enforcement has been posted in 50 locations throughout the cemetery since June 16, 2000 so that it would not be a surprise and so people could talk to the cemetery personnel and have the reasoning explained. This has occurred numerous times with a majority of people understanding and accepting it. We hope that if there are questions or concerns that the people will contact us at the cemetery office or call us at 447-4611 or email us at sextant Allen D. Bidiman Manager Crook County Cemetery District
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