third presentation in the Friday night lecture series cosponsored by the Crook County Historical Society and the Friends of the Crook County Library is this Friday night March 16 in the Common Room of the Crook County Library starting at 7 p.m. The public is invited and admission is free.
   The topic "Imagining the Corps of Discovery: Changing Views of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in Oregon Art," is a slide show presentation by Jeff Uecker.
   For almost two hundred years, the identity of Oregonians and Americans has been shaped by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Among those who have interpreted the story of the Corps of Discovery over the decades are artists. In his presentation, Uecker demonstrates how artistic interpretations of the Lewis and Clark Expedition have reflected the evolving identity and changing values of Oregonians, and in a broader sense, Americans, throughout the twentieth century. Uecker uses slides, historical anecdotes, and discussion to introduce artistic renderings of Lewis and Clark themes that reflect changing understandings of regional cultural roots, ethnicity, and the environment.
   The presenter, Jeff Uecker, raised in Oregon, has always had an abiding interest in history. Family stories, family travel, and old television documentaries nurtured this passion. Uecker decided to follow his interests professionally. His college graduate work focused on European and American history.
   He later worked for the Oregon Historical Society as a museum educator. He is currently a Humanities and Art Education Consultant in Portland, Oregon. He has published extensively about art and history.
   The program is made possible by funding from the Oregon Council for the Humanities, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. OCH is dedicated to providing opportunities for life-long learning in communities around the state.
   For further information about the program, please contact the Bowman Museum at 447-3715
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