>   To our readers:
   Since the youth group was organized, the Central Oregonian has been a strong supporter of the Crook County High School's NJROTC program. Recently, after competing at a high school in Bend and again in San Diego, it was noticed that nothing appeared in our local newspaper. That omission was brought to our attention in letters to the editor, phone calls and questions asked by parents.
   Without any desire to cry on any shoulders, the editors of the Central Oregonian believe it worthwhile to explain that lack of coverage.
   There are a lot of newsworthy activities taking place in Crook County, depending on who is talking, some more worthy than others. Twice a week three reporters produce informational news articles on as many of those happenings as possible. The three reporters have separate (beats) - Dave covers the local sports scene and does a very good job of it - Dyhana is kept busy with everything from the school board, airport commission, births and obituaries as well as finding and writing about the interesting and unique people in the community. Bill, as managing editor, is responsible for crime/courts, city and county officials and everything else.
   This means that not everything is covered by this team. When that happens, we have to rely on others to keep us informed or give us news tips. Through the years, the Central Oregonian has been fortunate in having good friends and interested people who will help with photos and information. A lot of time it is parents who attend out of town sporting events and come back with material Dave can turn into a report or someone traveling with their son or daughter when they take part in a competition. We've been very fortunate ... but not always.
   Without that assistance, a lot more would be missed. When the NJROTC traveled to the Bend competition, or to competition in San Diego, we found ourselves behind the 8-ball ... no photos; no reports; no information and in fact no knowledge it was happening.
   In an ideal world, the Central Oregonian could afford to send a reporter and photographer to each and every event, activity and happening that has an impact on the local population. Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world so we have to rely on those good friends and interested people to bring us news or call us and tell us something is happening so we can tell all our readers.
   In short, if we don't know about it, we can't write about it.
    To Crook County residents:
   Once again, the annual FACT BOOK has been published and disseminated to our subscribers. And once again, almost before the ink was dry, readers were letting us know we had left out certain things.
   Every year, we attempt to breathe new life into the FACT BOOK, updating and upgrading the product. There can be no excuse for leaving out something as important to the county as the library, for instance, but in adding something to the publication, we inadvertently left something out.
   Already, with the 2001 FACT BOOK still newly issued, we are collecting suggestions, corrections and ideas for next year. Now, while it is fresh and new it is a good time for our readers to let us know what should be included in the 2002 edition. Write, fax or email your corrections and suggestions and help us make the next FACT BOOK even better than this year's ... and if we missed including your club or organization in the 2001 edition make sure we have all pertinent information for 2002.
   To Internet surfers:
   If you haven't taken the time to visit lately you have missed our all-new web site. On the surface, you'll find a new look and easier navigation, but the thing we most like about it is that we can more easily and quickly update the information.
   We try to have the site updated by the end of the day that the paper comes out and occasionally when news is breaking. The timeliest information on the page is the weather that is updated every 30 minutes with actual conditions at the Central Oregonian weather station, which incidentally is now the official reporting station for Prineville.
   The web page contains news, sports and community activities along with access to regional classified advertising listings. We also have places for you to place a classified ad, send us a news tip, or write a letter to the editor. There's also a long list of convenient links to local agencies, sports sources and various services.
   Like all web sites, ours is a work in progress with new features being added periodically and others improved. If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our web site, drop us a note. We hope you'll even consider using www.central as your home page.
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