In an election not seen as important, just about one in five registered voters elect people who will make decisions for the rest

   Only 2,714 of the 10,190 registered voters in Crook County took the time to mark a ballot and mail it in. With only a 27 percent return, election officials completed their work by 9:30 Tuesday evening.
   The March election is classified as a special election and typically used for choosing members for various boards and special districts. Few of the races for office are heated and, apparently, few voters consider them important. However, as anyone familiar with local politics knows, it is the school board members, those elected to cemetery commission or to the rural fire protection district that can have a long-lasting impact on their lives.
   The results of the special election are:
   Crook Deschutes Education Zone 6
   Mark Severson 1,699
   Mike Gould 565
   Crook Deschutes Education Zone 7
   Greg Stone 768
   Spencer Schock 283
   Ross Jordan O)Shei 234
   Frank Deggendorfer 476
   COCCollege Zone 2
   Kate Van Voorhees 1,585
   Janey roberts 903
   Parks and Rec Dist.
    Position 1
   Lee Marie Pewitt 1,443
   Parks and Recreation Dist. Position 3
   County School Dist. Zone 3
   Sherry Fassett 1,964
   County School Dist. Zone 4
   Robert Palmer 927
   Dee Wettstein 1,330
   Brothers School Dist 15
    Position 1
   Joanne Walker 3
   Ochoco West Sanitary Dist. Position 5
   Crook Rural Fire Dist.
    Position 1
   Keith Eager 1,711
   Crook Rural Fire Dist.
    Position 2
   Dennis Bauldree
   Crook Rural Fire Dist.
    Position 3
   Newell Clarno 89
   James Johnson 77
   County Cemetery Dist.
    Position 1
   Allen Bidiman 1,868
   County Cemetery Dist.
    Position 2
   Gary Goodman 293
   These results of the March 13 election are unofficial and in the case of some write-in candidates, incomplete.
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