the editor: With all the news about teens on the rampage, it is good to hear something on the positive side. I heard this story recently and share it with you on behalf of those kids who are doing good things. Our Crook County High School ROTC went to their regional competition last weekend of the eleven western states held in San Diego, Calf. They have never come in first place before, but this time they did. These students have been learning self-discipline, how to work with others through drill routines, how to be respectful of one another, as well as practicing a number of other important aspects of growth as citizens of this country. It wasn’t figured that they would place high, with all the other competition out there, but they worked together as a team and impressed everyone. Now, because of their great performance in the San Diego competition, they are eligible to compete at the ROTC nationals in Florida in less than two weeks. Many people remember these young men and women of the CCHS ROTC because they march in parades and present the American flag for salute during important civic functions. For these students, wearing the ROTC uniform and carrying our nation’s flag is a source of pride that they may have never experienced before. But they also served our community selflessly, working for many hours through the night and during the days of the Prineville flood of 1997. They sand bagged around homes and businesses and helped people move safely from their homes. This puts real substance into the pride in the uniform they wear, and it deserves our recognition and support. This competition in Florida is a tremendous opportunity to further encourage these students and others to excel, as they represent not only Prineville, but our entire state and the western region of our country. Because CCHS is a relatively small school, the finances for a trip to Florida for this competition are not there. However, if community donations are made available, it would become a possibility. The time is too short for them or organize fund-raising events. If we could do a little digging into our pockets and offer donations to their program, we will also feel pride that we have contributed to the good they will do in the future. Fran Hisaw Prineville
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