the editor: As a resident of Prineville, I appreciate the quiet and serene landscape and lack of commotion and noise that most cities have. But I have noticed recently that our small town reputation is being ruined by the horrendous traffic in the afternoon. Everyday when I leave school I drive down Combs Flat Road to the intersection of 3rd Street, where the traffic is terrible. I have seen two people nearly crash at the intersection because of the high congestion coming from the Ochoco Plaza, the newly built gas station, and the large amount of high school students trying to get home. Everyday is a risk trying to exit the intersection without making another driver mad or, at the worst, getting in a wreck. What the city needs to do is put a stop light at that intersection. Not only would that cut down on a lot of the stress it would also increase the safety of Prineville drivers. On a normal day there will be three lanes of traffic created out of a two lane road. There will be a lane heading toward Prineville Reservoir, a lane trying to turn left heading toward Ochoco Reservoir, and the other lane trying to either go straight across the intersection or left toward town. This is extremely dangerous because the road is not completely wide enough for this much traffic. By creating a stop light, the city could designate two lanes, one for people going straight and making right turns, but also a left hand turn lane complimented with its own light. This would cut down on the confusion of deciding the right of way. This issue isn’t completely restricted to the school season though. It would also help anyone else driving that route, especially during the summer. I know of plenty of people who love to spend their days or weeks at Prineville Reservoir. This tends to be one of the biggest recreation spots in our area and the only way to get there is by taking Combs Flat Road. This presents a problem when there are also people heading toward Ochoco Reservoir and people exiting the gas station after refueling their cars. Prineville needs to carefully consider the importance of its residents and its visitors. Many visitors that I have met dread the time that they have to turn out onto the main highway after spending a day at the reservoir. By putting a light at that intersection, it will ensure the safety of every person who drives that route. Prineville needs to look out for the interests of its visitors, residents, as well as the interests of its younger residents. David Neuberger Prineville This letter to the editor, and numerous others, were received from CCHS students as a class project. Of those submitted, this was one of the most articulate. Because of space considerations it was chosen to represent all those submitted.
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