the editor: This is a letter to not just the editor, but also to the Prineville City Council. The proposed rate increase for sewer service is unfair. I am a single person in a single family home. I am sure that there are many other single and two person households in Prineville. To increase every home’s sewer rate without linking that rate increase to usage is unfair. My water usage averages three to four units per month, and my water bill is based upon that usage. I am fairly sure that a family of four uses more than three to four units of water per month. I also would be willing to bet that their sewer usage is more than mine would be. I, like many others, are probably not very happy about rate increases. However, we do understand the need. What I object to is paying more than my fair share. Increasing the rates the same for each house no matter what the usage is just not right. Arnold R. Campbell Prineville
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