the editor: Though I do not totally agree with the views expressed by Bernie Steinberger in this column last week, he raises some valid points in regards to the downtown revitalization effort “Our Town: The heart of Oregon.” It does not seem that healthy retail businesses are indeed the key to a vital downtown. He may be right that courting new businesses that would have positive impact on the area (or on city planning that would encourage location of new or current businesses where they could best add to total community vitality) might be a better focus than generating marketing logos. I feel, as he does “that the revitalization would then be strong and automatic.” I did take exception to his more negative comments on the effort being “more ego driven than problem resolution and goal oriented.” I am as guilty as anyone of getting busy in my own life and complaining about community circumstances rather than putting the effort into changing them. At the meetings I have attended what I see are people who are willing to take their valuable time to try to make a difference. Anyone can join in the search for solutions, Mr./Ms. Steinberger, included. It does sound like he may have some good ideas to add. Another point: The integrity of the entire town was discussed at a couple of meetings. This seems like a good thing to keep in mind. From the “Y” through the core downtown area to the businesses that serve us at our eastern edge there may be more we can do to promote ease of access and use as well as more loyalty to our local businesses. Caroline Kaiser Prineville
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