>City crews are working on six sidewalk corners at intersections along N. Main St., getting ready for the overlaying of the street from Third north to about Ochoco Creek. Shown here is Ed Muffley, smoothing down the concrete at one of the corners to bring it to ADA requirements.
Sidewalk corners at half a dozen intersections along North Main Street are getting attention this week, all in preparation for the street getting an overlay.
   Prineville's planning and public works coordinator, Ron Kleinschmit, said bringing the sidewalk corners into compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
   "This is not the city's responsibility," Kleinschmit explained, "but city crews are taking care of it so the overlay project can get started." Main Street from its intersection with Third Street to about the Ochoco Creek Bridge is expected to be done next month.
   According to city ordinance, sidewalks abutting privately owned property are the responsibility of the property owner. Rather than hold up that part of the city's overlay program, or have to come back later and make the necessary adjustments in sidewalk corners, the decision was made to do the sidewalk corners with city crews. Kleinschmit said whether the property owners will be billed for the work has not been decided.
   At least one other street corner is also slated to get some attention. Reportedly, one of the reasons for Checkers Espresso business to relocate to a site farther down on Third Street, was the condition of the sidewalk. According to a site plan application filed with the city in 1997, a number of conditions mandated for development of 240 E. Third Street, on the corner of Third and S. Court streets were never done.
   The conditions required in the permit included everything from replacing an area damaged by the removal of an underground tank, signage directing traffic exiting the old service station property onto Third St. to a "Right turn only" and having the sidewalks replaced. The improvements were not done, with reportedly the property owners claiming it was the renter's responsibility and the renter, Checkers Espresso, believing it was a burden of the property owner.
   Kleinschmit didn't comment on who is legally accountable, but he did say that the corner would not be developed by a new business until the improvements are made.
   Moving the espresso business to the old location of another espresso stand and cafe didn't answer all the problems for Rhonda Krider, owner of Checkers' Espresso. A site plan application filed by the property owner, Geraldine Johnson, has expired and ordered improvement have not been done.
   The property, on the corner of Meadow Lakes Drive and Third St. has joint access to Highway 26 (Third St.) and Meadow Lakes Drive and no formal access permit has been approved by the State Highway Division. In addition, curbs, sidewalks and all parking areas must be repaired and according to the city ordinance, "is the sole responsibility of the occupants ..."
   Kleinschmit said that letters have been set to the owners and occupants of both Third Street properties.
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