the editor I would like to send out a plea to all the good people of Prineville who use North Lamonta road. Please slow down! My home is located within the 35 mph zone about 2 miles from the light at Main street. I know everyone is in a hurry to get to their destination but let me ask this question, do you want to be the person knocking on my door or one of the many homes in our neighborhood to tell them that you’ve just run over their child’s pet? or God forbid telling a parent you’ve hit their child? I hope your answer is, not me! Its just not worth the cost. So you get home two or three minutes later is that too unreasonable? I can’t begin to tell you how many pets we have had to bury, and some I had to put down myself. And yes I do have a fenced yard but kids learn how to open gates and pets still get out. I’ve been in a panic more that once while taking the grandkids to the car and have one dart around the car before I could grab an arm to stop them. It’s hard to stop a rig going 50 or 60 mph before it’s too late. Yes it is 35 mph on this stretch of Lamonta road. Again, please slow down. Ron Halsey. Prineville
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