the editor First, I would like to applaud Erick Young for calling the county cemetery on their “proclamation.’ I hope many others will let the cemetery know how they feel. My mother and stepfather are buried in our cemetery. My mother’s headstone has a build-in vase but my stepfather’s does not. The cemetery people are telling me that I can put flowers in my mother’s vase but I can’t decorate my stepfather’s grave? Also, if I have used my mother’s vase, how can her brothers remember her with flowers if I have already used the vase? I am sure other people find this to be as absurd as I. One other thing while we’re here. My stepfather’s headstone was installed high enough for the letters to be hit by the mower blades. After a time the stone begins to look pretty shabby. One would think they could use more care when setting headstones. I plan to continue decorating my loved one’s graves as I have for nearly 30 years. Marilyn Lewis Prineville.
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