n American Profile has its April 5 debut as an insert in the Central Oregonian, much of the four-color national magazine's content will look familiar to area readers because of the publication' strong regional editorial focus.
   From calendars of events to profiles of Hometown Heroes, American Profile' editorial content will celebrate the interests, values and life in America's hometowns, specifically those in this region. A profile of one of those great American hometowns - perhaps one in this area, or one just up the road - will be a special regional editorial feature of each issue.
   "The regionalized component of this publication is very exciting to us," said Central Oregonian publisher Bill Schaffer, "because it will be a great addition to the local news and features we already provide our readers. Unlike non-regional national publications, with American Profile there is a strong likelihood that readers may have a personal knowledge of the people and places profiled in the magazine."
   American Profile completes the coverage picture by also including stories on health trends, entertainment, current issues and celebrities with hometown ties.
   "Daily newspapers in large markets are well-served with the existing Sunday magazines, but there are many wonderful regional stories to be told in markets with weekly and small market dailies. American Profile was created, in part, to tell those stories," said Dan Hammond, American Profile publisher and CEO.
   Beginning Thursday, April 5, American Profile will be a regular weekly insert in the Central Oregonian. Look for it.
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