Spy Kids: movie review by Paris Kearly

"Spy Kids" is a film by Robert Rodriguez, who has created some pretty good movies: "El Mariachi" (one of my favorites) and "From Dusk Til Dawn."
   "Spy Kids" is a very enjoyable film. My only problem with it is that the way it would jump scene to scene without almost any warning.
   The movie tells the story of a pair of spies, Ingrid (Carla Gugino) and Gregorio (Antonio Banderas) who end up falling in love, retiring, and having two kids named Carmen, and Juni. Carmen (Alexa Vega) wants excitement and skips school twice a month, while Juni (Daryl Sabara) is a target for bullies, has no friends and loves a television show his father despises.
   Nether one of the kids knows that his and her parents are spies, until one day the service wants Ingrid and Gregorio to find some missing agents. When they decide to explore the mission farther, they end up being captured by villains named Minion (Tony Shalhoub) and Fegan Floop (Alan Cumming). Meanwhile, Carmen and Juni have to leave their residence move to a safe house loaded with spy devices. They lose their guardian, and have to save their parents on their own.
   I liked "Spy Kids." It is a throughly pleasing movie to watch. And there is a lot more to the movie than what I have given, I just don't want to spoil any of the cool stuff. The movie has a nice, um, loving feeling coming from it. I smiled a lot through "Spy Kids." It isn't funny "HA, HA" but it is amusing nonetheless. .
   Kids should like it and parents will enjoy it as well. And, it might be a good influence on kids. The movie shows no actual violence, which is an impressive feat. I whole heartedly recommend this movie to families and those who can enjoy a good movie. It's a good, and very cute movie.