the editor Saturday night, March 17, we had problems with some of the local teens that felt it was just fine to use private property for a party without first seeking permission. Many of these kids were dressed very nicely and it appeared that they may have been to a school dance or some such function. I seriously doubt that their parents were aware of where their children were and that it appeared that many of them had been drinking. We live just over three miles up the lower end of Davis Loop and the problems with people thinking that the land up here is BLM and open for usage is a common one. The roadways that have been punched into the properties over time are not suitable for everyday cars and some are not even suitable for 4X4’s yet these children were taking cars, not trucks or SUV’s, into these areas. When confronted they bolted and ran just to try returning a short time later, obviously thinking they could sneak back in to the party. We could give some license plate numbers and discriptions of cars, but will withhold that information this time. Please be aware that we will not be so kind next time since you are the ones trespassing on private property. There is no BLM along this part of Davis Loop and has not been for many, many years. We would certainly appreciate it if the teens and adults that abuse this property would stop to consider how they would feel if it was their home and lands that were being invaded by people at all hours of the day and night. Bob and Linda Hadley Prineville
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