the editor: In January, 2001, I had $50,000 worth of jewelry stolen. the man, William Dan Stanfeld, was arrested and charged with burglary I. By the time we went to court in March, Mr. Stanfeld had been in jail for almost 60 days. Mr. Stanfeld got to plea bargain down to a lesser charge of theft. In court I got a chance to say how I felt to Mr. Stanfeld. I had never met this man before and he took things that had belonged to my mother and grandmother (both deceased). After I got done speaking, Mr. Stanfeld had a chance to tell me he was sorry. He never did. My gripe with the system is — all Mr. Stanfeld got was 60 days in jail, time served; two years probation and he has to pay me back $18,200 at $100 a month. That figures out to 15 years. Is this justice? If Mr. Stanfeld doesn’t pay me, it would cost me to file in civil court and it would cost me to garnish his wages. I hope Mr. Stanfeld goes through rehab, gets a job, takes care of his child and remembers me, because I will remember him. I will be there for the next 15 years and I will know where you are. Please remember me, Mr. Stanfeld. I would like to thank Deputy District Attorney Ron Brown and Victim’s Assistant Sarah Lee and a very special detective. Thank you for everything you did for me. Lea Kenrille Post
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