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   Academics, Athletics & Drill Championships
   As noted on the NJROTC National Field Meet web site,

   The NJROTC Nationals are the most prestigious, all-encompassing Navy Junior competition in existence today! This exciting competition brings together the finest Navy Junior ROTC units representing all parts of the country. The two-day event schedule was tight and one of the most grueling tests of overall unit balance and strength in existence today. All selected teams performed in the exciting and spirited competition with the various events counting towards an overall title at the NJROTC Nationals. The events included were as follows:
   * a 100 question Academic exam,
   * four athletic events (curl-ups, push-ups, 16 x 100-yard
    shuttle relay, and 8 x 440-yard oval relay)
   * five drill events (armed/unarmed platoon basic, armed/
    unarmed platoon exhibition, color guard)
   * unit Personnel Inspection
   The final event of the competition on Saturday afternoon was Knockout Drills (these did not count towards any overall championship scoring). Both an armed and unarmed Knockout Drill were held for all competitors with the winners receiving hand-painted, cloisonne medallions.
   All competing cadets receive a custom designed bronze competition medallion and a custom NJROTC Nationals T-shirt, ordered to size.
   Also, each competing cadet received a signed "Certificate of Achievement" for participation in the NJROTC Nationals competition.
   The two day event was "very intensive. There's no doubt about it." Bob Palmer, assistant to Master Chief Donny Jackson said, "it was very intense and our kids did very well. It was incredible."
   The NJROTC National Field Meet held at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida was a unique experience for the CCHS NJROTC drill team. Palmer explained that this was the first time that such a small school's cadet corps qualified. "At the National level, it is bigger schools with bigger budgets. Some schools had 60 people there, representing them. They had teams to do just one thing - armed teams who do just armed drills ... unarmed who do just unarmed drills. We did it all."
   And the 27-member CCHS drill team did it well. They managed to compete with the best, finishing fourth place, one point away from the third place trophy in armed drill exhibition.
   Palmer described the athletic portion of the meet, saying the tension was high.
   "Our first event was the inspection and that went well. We were surprised that it only took six minutes while others were taking as much as 19 minutes, so we left the drill deck feeling pretty good.
   "The next competition was the curl-ups. Intense and extremely competitive, our white-legged boys and girls came to the area and made us proud as one could be. Close to the end of the three minute time limit, one could only imagine the pain these cadets were feeling, pushing their bodies to and beyond their physical limitation.
   "We then moved on to the push-up competition, where three boys, Josh Jackson took 11th place, Josh Haskins, 12th, and Keith Myers 17th. This put our cadets in second place overall in the push-up portion of the meet."
   With only three years of competition behind them, the Crook County High School NJROTC drill team handled themselves well. "We're going again next year," Palmer said with assurance, "and we'll be better than for this year's showing."
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