ot;The Mummy Returns" brings back Brendan Fraser starring as Rick O'Connell in an action packed sequel.
   There are a few new characters, including Alex (Freddie Boath) as Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn's (Rachel Weisz) 8-year-old son and The Rock as The Scorpion King. The only problem is that The Rock is only in the movie for several minutes at the beginning.
   "The Mummy Returns" really was one action scene followed by another, loosely held together with the painfully generic plot of saving the world.
   The film is set up in the 15 minutes after The Rock's "scene" and then the action sequences take over.
   An hour into the film, all of the action and special effects got to be tedious, stretching the already thin storyline to its snapping point.
   "The Mummy Returns" certainly doesn't break any new ground with its action and while the special effects were well done, I was mildly let down by how noticeably rendered the bugs were.
   There are several scenes where CG (computer graphic) mummies and dog-men interact with the actors, but the scenes are so obviously CG that they don't really add anything to the movie.
   The scarab bugs were supposed to be scary, but because they were so obviously animated, they lose their intended effect.
   The final fight scene with The Rock starring as the Scorpion King left the same sour taste in this movie goer's mouth. Hopefully this will be the last of Fraser's mummy movies for awhile.
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