>Two members of the CCHS horticulture class were photographed as they put the finishing touches to one of the planter barrels along Third Street. The two, Jessica Pshigoda Tanya Buck, were working with Peggy Kasberger of the Crook County Garden Club on the club's annual beautification project.
For some time, Jeff Papke's horticulture class at the high school have been growing flowering plants and this week most of those plants are being planted ... in the planter barrels and hanging planters that line the Third Street business section downtown.
   Each year, the Crook County Garden Club organization begins the job of bringing springtime to the downtown businesses area with the flowering tub planters. This year, the garden club and the horticulture class are working together on the project.
   "This is a real good match; the high school class and the garden club," Peggy Kasberger of the Crook County Garden Club said.
   In previous years, the owners of the Prineville Hardware store in Ochoco Plaza had donated or sold at cost most of the flowers and material used by the garden club for the yearly project.
   "We are very grateful of the help we received from the Prineville Hardware over the years, and are sorry to see them go," Kasberger said.
   This year, students from the horticulture class and members of the garden club worked on the barrels and in hanging containers in front of businesses along Third Street Monday. The planters are a fundraiser for the garden club, and each business pays $6 per container. The business owner then becomes responsible for maintaining the plantings, keeping the flowers watered and weed free.
   In late summer, all the planters are judged and the winning container is named. Contact Peggy Kasberger at 447-1648 for more information.
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