Can’t be enough Veteran reps

To the editor: This is a response to Del Everson’s letter regarding, Certified Veterans Service Officers in Prineville. I wasn’t going to respond to your letter to the editor because I thought it was a ridiculous statement made by you in regards to only one Veterans Service Representative in Prineville. I am an Organizational Veterans Service Officer with the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc., Pittston, Pa. You can check out my credentials by calling 1-800-Vietnam. You may call or write the Veterans administration, Office of the General Counsel, Washington D.C. You are welcome to call my office and make an appointment to see my letter of certification from the General Counsel and Veterans of The Vietnam War, Inc. I don’t understand why you would write a letter making such a silly statement that you made without first researching. Veterans need Organizational Veterans Service Representatives who can represent them before the hearing board as their power of attorneys. I am a member of the American Legion and Eagles Auxiliaries. Also a life member with Veterans of Foreign Wars here in Prineville and a life member with the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. By making the statement you did without researching first, you may have cheated a few veterans in need of representation with the Veterans Affairs. Amy R. McCully Veterans Service Office Prineville