Price gouging, low wages hurts people

To the editor: Luke (not his real name) wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, an outstanding and successful farmer who was retiring. Luke borrowed heavily to finance his dream. A few weeks ago he committed suicide at the age of 43 after his farm failed. Was Luke the victim of our government? Those who warned of a conspiracy to create a one world government are seriously ridiculed. It is time to realize that the road to a one world government is already paved with American victims. Our government financed a European dairy conglomerate to establish hundreds of dairies in this country to create competition for our dairymen. The inexpensive American-made medicines available in other countries are subsidized by our excessive prices. We are now threatened with an energy crisis and a fuel shortage created by manipulation. President Bush wants to funnel Social Security money into the stock market as thousands of investors are losing their financial stability to a manipulated market. Their money didn’t just disappear, it went into the pockets of the manipulators with the power to pump and dump stocks, fleecing stockholders. It is strange that only after so many small businesses and small farmers were destroyed, and our jobs have been exported to slave labor countries that our politicians ballyhoo that they are writing laws to protect us. “Stagflation” is here. Price gouging and low wages are protected by politicians bribed by big business lobbyists promoting world wide monopolies. Wm. C. (Bill) Schneider Powell Butte