the editor: We want to thank the 15 football players who helped our daughter Katie change her tire. We apologize that this is so late, but no matter how late it is, we still believe a public thank you is in order. It was the week before Homecoming, Katie was at the powder puff football and airband practices. It was 8 p.m. and dark when she got to her car to come home and noticed a flat tire (flat tires are a regular occurrence when living on 5 miles of county gravel road.) She asked a man to help her and in the meantime he left, leaving her still with a flat tire. She then went into the gym and recruited two young men. As they opened the trunk they discovered the lug wrench and the handle to the jack missing (probably laying somewhere alongside of the road where she had her last flat tire.) A pickup and car load of football players drove by and asked if they could help. They literally lifted the back end of our Honda and held it there while someone changed the tire. She got home safely. The first thing she asked us was “How many football players does it take to change a tire? She answered ... “15”. We want to thank you for your chivalry in the days of disrespect and busy schedules that lead to uncaring attitudes. Thank you again for your help! Larry and Deb Syme Prineville
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