>A local man is interested in talking with others on the subject of energy, water and waste management
Warnings of big increases in power rates and projected jumps in the price of gasoline are becoming an almost daily occurrence. As these costs are going up and predictions of rolling blackouts are made, one local couple wants to see if something can be done.
   Byron and Connie Wilcox recently returned from vacationing in Mexico and upon hearing about all the alarms, thought that something should be done. But, as Wilcox said, "I'm retired and on a fixed income." Rather than just throw up his hands in disgust he decided to get involved.
   What would happen, he wondered, if enough interested people got together and discussed alternative energy sources.
   "We are not looking for scientists or save the owl environmentalists," he explained. Ideally, other non-professional people, people with ideas would respond.
   "We would like to involve electricians, contractors, refrigeration and air conditioning people. Experts in their field who can tell us ways to conserve. People interested in developing water treatment, solar, wind and hydro power generators," Wilcox said.
   Wilcox believes if they can get enough people together, sharing ideas and brainstorming new ones, then new or unused avenues might be found to help.
   Any one interested in talking further with the Wilcox can call him at home ... 416-3673.
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