the editor: This letter is in response to the letter to the editor titled Be Sure of Your Daycare Provider which appeared in the April 12th issue of the Central Oregonian. Danielle Howman’s letter is misleading and inaccurate. I use the particular daycare provider she was referring to in her letter last week. It’s true she took a day off, but she did give me and several other parents enough notice to make a decision. She said that she would be gone and that her helper would be available to watch the children if I wanted her to. I know the helper and obviously trust her and my provider’s judgement and chose to allow her to watch my children. When I picked up my children, the helper also informed me that she had watched 19 children that particular day. What Ms. Howman did not mention in her letter is that not all 19 children were there at the same time. They are all on different schedules, as is the case in any daycare. In addition, I was aware that my provider was not registered/certified and I made a conscious decision to have her watch my children anyway. Yes, it is Oregon law that a provider with more than three children are to be registered and I believe it is just as important to know and trust the person with whom you are leaving your children. I am welcome to walk into my daycare provider’s house at any time, walk through it and look in cupboards if I felt it was necessary. If I wanted to, I could ask her take a drug test and provide me with the results, and if it got down to it, I could perform my own background checks as well. If I were really concerned about where my children were, I certainly wouldn’t leave them in that care for over four years. I also wanted to address the money hungry statement. This is one of the most ridiculous things you said. You know, as well as any of the parents that have used this provider, that this is not the case. She does daycare simply because she loves kids. She hires a helper to be sure of the safety of the children in her care, which wouldn’t happen if money were an issue. If you have some cold hard facts to disclose, then do so, otherwise why waste the newspaper space trying to publicly humiliate someone who has given your children a warm and loving environment for over four years? Andria Mitchell Prineville
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