response to the letter to the editor “Be sure of your daycare provider” in the April 12th issue of the Central Oregonian. After reading the article by Danielle Howman regarding her daycare provider, I felt I needed to voice my opinion also. I personally know the daycare provider in which Ms. Howman discussed. I was referred to this provider by a very good friend and now receive backup daycare services as needed. After meeting and doing an interview with this provider I felt very confident and secure in her abilities. It wasn’t my main concern whether or not she was certified or registered. I was interested in her values, morals, background, and the environment in which my child would be in while I was at work. I feel very strongly that if my main concern was that my childcare provider needed to be registered or certified I would make it a priority to do sufficient background checks to verify the necessary credentials. I would not claim ignorance and therefore not take the appropriate steps to confirm that the provider in question met my personal requirements. I love my child dearly and would never put her in another person’s care for years if I weren’t satisfied and secure with every aspect of the daycare environment. I personally support this daycare provider and am thankful she is in the Prineville area. Holly Ptomey Prineville
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