>Prineville - Crook County Chamber of Commerce Quality of Life Committee is working to coordinate a community-wide cleanup effort open to volunteers
Taking pride in the appearance of our downtown area is the catalyst for this year's effort to cleanup Prineville.
   Spearheaded by the Chamber of Commerce Quality of Life Committee and coordinated by volunteers Mary Reed and Karole Stockton, the call for volunteers has gone out for the annual event.
   The Community Day of Service "Mama Likes a Clean Community" which will take place the day before Mother's Day on Saturday, May 12 has the entire community rolling up its sleeves for this spring cleaning event.
   Twenty teams of about a half dozen individuals will make up the 100-plus community volunteers who are needed to donate time to help clean up Prineville streets, road sides, bike path, Ochoco Creek, the viewpoint and power poles within the city limits.
   Groups of church members, youth organizations or other teams will find this event a particularly good way to do a little community service and have some fun in the process.
   The cleanup will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and volunteers will meet behind the Chamber of Commerce building to get their assignments.
   Roadside teams are required to view a 10 minute ODOT video on safety. Teams can also sign up as a group of 6-8 volunteers and choose from 20 team sites to be cleaned. Preregistration is recommended for those who would like to have a choice in site assignments.
   Team assignments are designated as: Teams 1-14 will pick up litter along streets, roads, creek and bike path. Team 15 will collect litter and glass from hillside below view point Team 16-17 will pull nails and staples from power poles and Teams 19-20 will clean east and west "Y"s.
   As a special consideration and if there is enough time, some volunteers can help add an extra special touch by painting Parks & Recreation litter barrels.
   All collected items will be placed in trash bags or buckets and transported to dumpsters at the swimming pool parking lot. Dumpster service has been donated by Prineville Disposal.
   All volunteers should wear gloves, sturdy shoes or hiking boots, long sleeve shirts, long pants and a cap or hat. Water bottles will be provided.
   Tools and Supplies needed for the clean up include:
   5-10 pickups and drivers
   pruners and loppers
   hammers, pliers, wire cutters and nail pullers
   weed whackers
   A free lunch hamburger feed for all participants will take place following the cleanup. For more information call Karole Stockton at 447-3103 or Mary Reed at 447-6926.
   To pre-register a team call the Chamber of Commerce at 447-6304 or Evelyn Wood at 416-9583.
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