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"Driven" stars Sylvester Stallone in a movie he wrote about car racing. Stallone plays a retired race car driver named Joe Tanto who is called back into duty by his boss, Carl (Burt Reynolds), to help up-and-coming racer Jimmy Bly (Kip Pardue). Bly is off to a promising start, but is quickly becoming overwhelmed by the pressure to win. It's Tanto job to befriend the younger driver and to help him make it to the finish line.
   The story behind "Driven" seems to get lost in the all too many cuts to the race track crowd. The mixed lines of romance between the various race car drivers and their ex-significant others is a bit confusing as well.
   Perhaps this film is directed primarily at race track goers who might not have a problem with the overindulgence of the camera's focus on the anatomy of women. For me, though, it was a distraction which turned offensive.
   There was also something going on with the makeup department that just didn't work for this film. The overuse of baby oil on the men left them looking dirty if not unhealthy.
   Yet despite all of the movies faults, it ends up growing on you. To give credit where credit is due, "Driven" does try to interject a moral or two and goes so far as to make heros out of its main characters. Even so, I would have a difficult time recommending this movie to the general movie going crowd.
   If you love car races, and won't be offended by a few brainless women - then this movie is for you. Otherwise, wait for the video to come out and then only check it out if there is nothing else available. ***Driven is rated PG-13 for language and some intense crash sequences. Running time is 109 munites.
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