Thanks to the hard working volunteers

To the editor: A sincere thank you to “The Crook County Navy JR. R.O.T.C.” On April 28 a reception was held at the Crook County High School for Darlene Wanker, Associate Grand Matron and Brent Dart Associate Grand Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star of Oregon. The students, along with their instructors, worked very hard on both Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th to make the event a success. Their work consisted of but not limited to: (1) carrying equipment and supplies from the vehicles to the auditorium and commons area, (2) decorating and setting up the stage, which included hanging angels from the frame work high above the stage and placing 30 plus chairs for those taking part in the program. (3) setting up tables and other equipment in the commons area, (4) Standing By to “instantly” complete any task desired by those directing all phases the reception, and (5) greeting and giving assistance to the guests attending the affair by opening doors, conducting them to the auditorium. We want you to know that you made an outstanding impression on the nearly 300 guests attending the reception from throughout the State of Oregon Please except our sincere and heart felt thank you for a job well done. Betty L Royle, Carnation Chapter Charlene Hansen, Redmond Chapter Co-chairman, O.E.S.