the editor: How would you like to to be handed a bundle of sacked groceries with a bill and not know what was in it? Do you even need all those items? Hopefully it includes some of what you ordered, but if you can’t see for yourself, how do you know? So many options have been discussed on the Northridge (phase I and II) LID, that when we were given this enclosed notice of assessment (and it is a whopper!) we were not told what we are buying. The new city council needs to understand that the people who should be handling service and funding issues, running close to one million dollars, are not providing the affected citizens the service they are being paid to do! This LID has been going on since several of our homeowners met with Dick Brown on April 28, 1999 —- two years ago. We were told it could begin construction in the spring or summer of 2000. It is just now getting close to the bid phase. They have been particularly concerned that Henry Hartley was insistent (at the January, 2001 city council meeting) that the homeowners of Northridge I and II pay for “at least 25 percent of the proposed one million gallon water reservoir to be located adjacent north of our subdivision. Who was going to pay for the rest of it? If it is included in SDC fees, why would we pay for it? If it is to come from increased water rates, we would pay for it again! If it were to be located across the valley from us, would they expect us to pay for part of it? It is to add general storage for then entire city and was never mentioned when we proposed annexation and an LID two years ago; only when it was determined by the engineers working with their water master plan how much additional capacity is needed, was it brought up as an addition to our LID. (Our approximately 100 homes account for about three percent of the homes on city water.) Now it looks like Hartley is backing down, but the “recommendation” from “city staff” — whoever that is — doesn’t mean it is a promise! An that would add another (approximately) $2,500 to the proposed assessment for each lot. We’d all like some clear answers and real cooperation. After all, nearly $10,000 is a lot of money for most of us! Gary Owen, Mike Merwin, Tom Teaford and Martha Davenport Prineville
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