Mea culpa: Sen. Smith exonerated

To the editor: Wouldn’t you know it? After I sent off a letter to the paper, annoyed that I hadn’t received a letter from Senator Gordon H. Smith that was responsive to my concerns, I got a second letter from the Senator which not only answered by questions, but also volunteered clear and intelligent explanations of his views on the issue. So now I feel I ought to apologize to Senator Smith and wipe the egg off my face. But I’m still baffled by his first letter, which begins: “Thanks for you thoughts regarding President Bush’s budget and tax plan. I appreciate your taking the time to let me know your concerns...” The trouble is, I didn’t have any thoughts about the tax plan. Of course, now I do, so I told the Senator what they were. And he won’t have to replay at all, seeing I’ve already got his answer! I guess what happened was just that the wrong letter got put in the wrong envelope, and I’m sorry I jumped to the wrong conclusion. Helen Jones Prineville