>A commercial kennel fee that even encompasses operation of any possible sled dog businesses is developed for dog breeders
This is not Deschutes County. The discussion on a proposed Crook County ordinance determining fees for commercial dog kennels made that statement clear.
   The issue surfaced when the owner of a commercial dog breeding operation asked for a reduction of the county dog licensing system. Presently, it costs $3 to license a dog that has been spayed or neutered. A license for a dog that has not been 'fixed' is $25. In order to protect her dogs, the owner wanted to have them tagged so they could be returned if they ran off.
   However, as valuable as the dogs were, she didn't like the idea of paying $25 for each one. As her business is breeding dogs, having them spayed or neutered is not an option.
   The county court, agreeing with the dog owner, suggested charging $5 for unspayed or neutered animals in a commercial kennel. That was acceptable for the commercial dog breeder. But not for another person who raises sled dogs in Deschutes County.
   That person contacted the county staff and, saying she has plans for moving her operation to Crook County in the near future, asked that the fee structure be changed for her. In Deschutes County, she explained, the fee she paid for her dogs was $5 for the first 25 animals, and a dollar for each one after that.
   County Judge Scott Cooper, reacted to a motion made by Commissioner Jerry Crafton to approve the ordinance but leaving the fee at $5 for dogs in a commercial kennel.
   "I don't care what Deschutes County does," Cooper said. "This is Crook County.
   Commissioner Mike McCabe, indicating his agreement with the proposed fee schedule, wondered how the Deschutes County schedule could work. It had to cost, he pointed out, more than a dollar to pay for the tag and more when the necessary bookkeeping was figured in.
   In total agreement, the new county ordinance was adopted ... it will now cost $5 each to license each and every dog in a commercial kennel or every dog in a sled dog operation which, for this situation, would be considered a commercial kennel.
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