>Prineville police officers are ready for nearly everything, everywhere in town. Officer Jimmy O'Daniel's big Harley is almost as well equipped as any patrol car. Bike Officer JoAnn Bauer's Raleigh Police Bike is not so well-equipped, but she is well-trained in its use. And the city's patrol cars, like the one Officer Ron Elliot is standing by, are top of the line ... and were obtained in a very cost-saving manner. This photo was taken at Pioneer Park
Wearing a bright yellow vest, Bike Officer JoAnn Bauer will become a familiar feature of the streets, parks and bike paths around town this summer. While her 21-speed Police bike doesn't have radar, it does have a few special features ... such as Bauer herself. "Notice there is no front suspension? And no kickstand? If needed I have been trained on how to lay the bike down in such a way as to knock down a person."
   Through the summer months, Officer Bauer will focus on the downtown area, the skateboard park and the bike paths. "There are a lot of bike paths in Prineville," she noted, "and people can go from one end of town to the other without being seen by a patrol car. But I'll be out there. I can go whipping across town quite easily."
   O'Daniel's motorcycle is a little better equipped. It, like' the patrol cars, has what is called 'moving radar' that can detect a vehicle's speed whether the vehicle is coming or going. Bauer, when asked about speeders, simply explained she didn't need radar. If a car was going faster on city streets than she was, it was probably speeding.
   The big 1500cc Harley Davidson is specifically built for police work. On it he can do, O'Daniel explained, everything a patrol officer can, "except pick up dogs."
   The new patrol cars, with their new shiny logos on the doors, were obtained by the city at a cost-savings. Elliot explained that the city is leasing the cars and when the lease is up, the cars can be purchased or other, new, cars can be leased. Once the lease is up, every piece of equipment in the vehicle, including the light bar on top, can be removed. Even the colorful logo on the side of the cars can simply be pealed off - it is an inexpensive plastic decal.
   "And," Elliot added, "everything, the car and the logos were acquired locally."
   Bauer and her bike will be used until the weather changes in the fall, while, if necessary, O'Daniel has been trained to safely ride his motorcycle in all kinds of weather.
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