the editor: I am not a advocate of woman’s lib per say, but lately I have been noticing a return in our culture to good old-fashioned male chauvinism, especially in churches. I don’t know where the idea comes from that if you are a woman you are incapable of intelligent speech or worthy actions, but it has gone so far that I have even heard pastors expounding on their dislike of manly women. Being a fairly masculine woman, I was very offended. I also wondered where I went wrong. I was raised in the 70’s by a wonderful set of parents who taught me that I could do anything I wanted to do. Growing up around my Granddad’s ranch, I learned how to drive cows, ride fence, run a chain saw, change a tire and buck hay. I did all this work willingly never once bowing out because of my gender. When I grew up I chose a field that was predominantly male and enjoyed it. When I married, I was making more money than my husband, and we shared the burden of financial support until our kids came along. Now I discover that I wasted my time, and should have spent my youth dressed in lace, sipping ice tea and readying myself to submit to my husband. I can’t buy this because it is wrong. There is nothing in the Bible that says that a woman is lower in God’s eyes than a man. Nor is it Biblical to say we are more fragile. I think if one more preacher describes me on Mother’s Day as a delicate vase, I will show him the backside of my very indelicate cast iron skillet. I am not delicate, I can be gentle, but I was born with a quick wit, a sharp tongue, and a raised voice, and I get louder when confronting jello-brains. I am the product of many generations of Scotch-German pioneer women. We were, and still are short, squatty, opinionated and fierce. God made me like this, so don’t mess with it. He doesn’t make mistakes, and He is never prejudiced. Stephani Hopfer Prineville
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