the editor“ In response to both “Care Provider Doing Good Job” letters in the 4-19-01 issue of the Central Oregonian. Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 414-205-0000 through 414-205-0170 are the Child Care Divisions minimum requirements for registered child care providers. The purpose of the rules are to protect the health, safety, and well-being of children when cared for outside their own homes. From OAR 414-205 — Registration is required for persons who provide child care:(a) on other than an occasional basis; and (b) to more than three children from more than one family at any one time, other than the person’s own children. Further: The registered provider and any substitute caregiver shall be at least 18 years old ... . If this provider has such good “values, morals” then why can’t she obey the rules and guidelines set by our State Legislature? She is in violation of the law in more than one way. The whole point here is that what this particular provider is doing is wrong, and is punishable. I believe it is only fair in this competitive world that all who play must play by the rules. That is why they are there. Mothers who support providers who are not abiding by the laws are jeapordizing the safety of their own children as well as other children in that environment. This isn’t a matter of money, or that a provider is a wonderful, loving, caring person. It is about the rules, and the laws. They have been violated and the provider, as well as the mothers supporting this particular provider should stop and take a really good look at what is happening. Are these kids really in a safe, healthy environment? What if something happened to one of them? Especially while the 17 year old was taking care of them? Then what? Some serious questions need to be asked and answered by all those involved. Dana M Kilthau-Kaiser Prineville
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