Without China we’d be without a lot

To the editor: I noticed in a letter to the Central Oregonian, where the writer suggested boycotting all goods made in China as punishment to the government of China. I’m not sure just how sincere the suggestion was, but it caused me to think a little. What in the world would you buy? Can you imagine what might happen to businesses such as Wall-Mart? I began looking around. I found a small item from a firm with the home office in Tokyo, but the article had the “made in China” label on it. I wonder what the consequences would be if the Chinese reciprocated by boycotting all American banking, insurance, etc., from doing business in China? The profit American business receives from China far exceeds the industrial trade imbalances that we have with China. So, the interests of big business will never allow an effective boycott. They do not want China harmed financially until they have extracted the last bit of money they can get from them. It does ease my mind about a military confrontation with China though. Where would we buy our parts? I believe China will receive Most Favored Nation, join the W T O, regardless of their actions with the U.S.A. or its people. In fact, if we ever get our airplane back, it will be with the stipulation that we will build a fleet of them for China. It makes me wonder just where we are headed, not only with China, but the whole globe, and what we are willing to do to get there? The actions of big businesses cause me much concern. Orville Eakins Prineville