>Members of the Search and Rescue are gearing up for the yard sale this Friday and Saturday. They will also be giving tours of the facility on the fairgrounds.
Crook County Sheriff Search and Rescue, an all volunteer force, will be holding a yard sale to raise funds for radio equipment and computer upgrades, and giving public tours of their facility this weekend.
   Whether they are looking for lost hunters, missing children, overdue hikers or snowmobilers, or heading up evacuations, these 30-plus highly trained and well coordinated volunteers are among the best in the state.
   Their new command center is a building located on the fairgrounds, where they assemble at a moment's notice to coordinate land and water searches. "We are very excited to get the command center because we can deploy personnel from there and coordinate our efforts from a central point," Karole Stockton explained.
   Among the available resources is a recently acquired ambulance which was donated by Deschutes County Search and Rescue.
   The members have worked to completely restore the vehicle and are now looking at upgrading the radio equipment.
   They also have a mobile command post, a fully equipped trailer which is moved to the location of any given search. Like the permanent command center, the mobile unit is designed to house search and radio equipment, maps and supplies, as well as the ever present coffee pot.
   "Our 30 some members in Crook County have a lot of expertise and training to offer from snowmobile to aquatic. We have a call-out system and hasty teams which can be mobilized immediately," Stockton said. "The Search and Rescue is all under the direction of the sheriff's office and our president, Fred Martin is the liaison between the sheriff's office and search and rescue."
   Members are required to undergo basic training and participate in continuing education. "Many of us have recently taken training on GPS systems and we are now capable of incorporating this tool in our searches."
   Maintaining and upgrading their resources is an important part of the volunteer effort. "The idea of the sale is to raise funds for radios and more electronic equipment," she said. "We are putting in a new computer system and making an effort to make sure all of our equipment is updated and reliable."
   The fundraising yard sale will be held at the Search and Rescue building on the Crook County Fairgrounds, Friday and Saturday, May 4-5 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Tours will be conducted throughout the day and refreshments will be available. A variety of items will be offered for sale along with raffle tickets for a handmade quilt ensemble.
   For more information about Search and Rescue call Fred Martin at 447-6310.
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