>Anyone driving by the Crook County High School Saturday had to notice the sea of yellow school buses ... it was the regional Oregon School Bus Safety Exercise. One of the many judged events school bus drivers from all around the state performed, in the day-long competition, involved correctly stopping at a school cross walk. Carry Coffman, seated, was helped by Evelene Moore, a bus driver-trainer from Nyssa
   The School Bus Safety Exercise has proven to be an effective instructional tool to improve driving skills. The competition encourages learning good practices necessary to be an exemplary school bus driver. It also gives drivers an opportunity to demonstrate the required skills in the demanding job of driving a school bus. Saturday's exercise is one of three scheduled on the state schedule for this year. One other was held on May 5 and the third will be held on June 2. The Hillsboro High School is the location for the two.
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