Lots of work remains to be done and it isn't clear whether the original contractor will be held liable for the renovation expense... but conditions at the library are improving
Just in time for recent near record heat wave, the Crook County library's ongoing cooling problems had been solved ... no more leaking of water from ceiling pipes, and soon there will be no uncontrollable hot air.
   For some time, the county's most popular facility has had problems with the heating and cooling system installed during construction. Library Director Rick Chrisinger presented a report to the county court recently announcing that things are looking up.
   "About a third of the work has been completed and we've spent about $16,500 to date. We can expect the final bill to be more than that. That's more than the book budget for the year," he added.
   County Judge Scott Cooper said the important thing is that the library has a working air conditioning system. "The system works and the building is cool," he commented, "that's a big step up from what has been"
   Apparently the problem stemmed from poorly installed equipment when the building was constructed. When the latest work is completed, all copper tubing and insulation will have been replaced and run under the building instead of above the drop ceiling. A number of compressors have also needed replacing, and apparently one or more roof vents will have to be relocated. Two, possibly three, companies did not do a proper job with the original installation, Chrisinger informed the court.
   At present time about a third of the repair and remodeling necessary is done, and although it still gets a little warm in the library, conditions are improving. When the problems first showed up, the county had exhausted all possible remedies with the original equipment before deciding to undertake interim costs and then determine what part of those costs are reimbursable.
   "We'll get the work done," Cooper said, "and get things cooled off and then see what we can do not to get ripped off.
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